Non-government partners DVV International in Tajikistan

Association of Scientific and Technical Intelligentsia

The Non-government, Nonprofit Public Organization "Association of Scientific and Technical Intelligentsia of Tajikistan" is promoting the development of democratic reforms and improvement of quality of life of the citizens in the Republic of Tajikistan, through the effective use the potential of scientific and technical intelligentsia and strengthening the role of non-profit sector by realizing of social, informational, coordinating, educational, consulting programs. Read more

NGO "Youth House"

The Youth House – NGO is a non–governmental, not-for-profit, and non-religious organization whose mission is to assist disadvantage social groups, first and foremost children and youth, to become healthy contributors to their communities through the creation of opportunities for positive self-development and self-realization. Read more

Adult Education Association Tajikistan

The Goal of the organisation is to contribute to the poverty reduction in Tajikistan through the development of the formal and non-formal Adult education. For doing so, the Association facilitates partnerships between state structures, employers and civil society organisations; helps to elaborate up-to-date and demand driven curricula; implements lobbying activities for Adult education, promotes development of Adult education in Tajikistan and implements research and alalysis of Adult education structures in the country. Read more