July 2014

Psychological Orientation for Adult Education Trainers in Tajikistan

On May 26-28, 2014 a three-day training workshop on psychological orientation for adult education trainers was held in "Poytakht" Hotel in Dushanbe.

Seventeen adult educators and consultants to be working with prisoners or ex-prisoners were trained in the principles of penitentiary psychology and were instructed how to work with this category of people. The invited trainers were Mr. Asanov Tynchtykbek, Head of the Institute of Personality and Mental Health (IPMH), Kyrgyzstan, Ms. Parpieva Aida, Executive Director, IPMH, Kyrgyzstan, and Mr. Davlatov Mahmadullo, Senior Lecturer, Chair of Psychology, Tajik State National University.

The main training objective was to provide basic information on the theory and practice of penitentiary psychology. Upon completion of the training, the participants are expected to learn about the specific behaviors of different imprisoned groups, and how to motivate them to learning.

The training was conducted within the framework of the European Union funded Project «SECRET: Socio-Economic and Cultural Rights of prisoners and Ex-prisoners in Tajikistan" being implemented by the DVV International in Tajikistan.