June 2015

Seminar-training on "Archiving technology of oral history materials

The Seminar-training on "Archiving technology of oral history (audiovisual) materials", organised by the History Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the support of dvv international were held on 25th - 27th October 2011 in the Central State Archive of Cinema, Photo and Phonodocuments (CSA). The CSA of the Republic of Uzbekistan - is the only and the biggest in Central Asia specialised archive of Cinema, Photo and Phonodocuments and is an organisation of national importance, obeying to the Agency "Uzarchive" at the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Archive contains a rich collection of unique documents, reflecting the history of Turkistan and Uzbekistan from the 60s of the 20 century to the present day.

The seminar was implemented in the framework of the project "Challenges of time and oral history". The objective of this project is to build the capacities and the institutional development of the Oral History Centre at the History Institute of the of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan as a learning methodical base for the training of specialists and interested persons in new methods on the basis of verbal information. Verbal memory on the one hand and the study of written sources on the other hand, allow detailing the events, while expanding the global historical picture. At the same time the value of oral sources is not that much the information about events from the past themselves but the way they are reflected in the public consciousness. It is important not only to properly collect oral historical information, but to store it properly for many years, to ensure access to this information from interested persons, experts and researchers.
The programme of the 3-days training contained issues as "Techniques of recording audio and video information", "Information storage and media", "Digitisation of audiovisual information", "Backup and storage formats of information", "Funding of audiovisual information, compiling inventories and finding aids", "Examination of the value of electronic documents", etc. Trainers of the seminar were experienced specialists, the CSA employees and the experts from the parent organisation - "Uzarchvie" Agency. The first two days the General Director of the "Uzarchive" Agency Abdullaev Abdushukur Khamidovich shared his knowledge with the participants, at the last day of the training - his deputy Kucharova Dildora Lutpullaevna. In between the classes the CSA employees implemented practical work - introduced stores, cinema, demonstrating the storage of audiovisual information as well as processing equipment to the students.

The participants of the training not only learned the structure of informational system on using public information resources but agreed with the management of the "Uzarchvie" Agency and CSA to establish specialised Oral History Fund. The work will occur jointly, at the beginning as a pilot stage of the possible project in the future.

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